Re: Model: SRLX 6310

Dennis Storzek

I'm going to rock the boat a bit more. First, a photo to illustrate the problem, courtesy of the Protocraft web site:

Which stripe is red, and which is blue? If you said the top stripe is red, color photos of this famous paint scheme would prove you wrong...

Who ever said the red has to be on top?

And that brought me to the realization that, if the photographer chose a BLUE filter to put visual separation between the colors, the red would go very dark, like the bottom stripe in the prototype photo of the Swift car, while the blue stripe would go lighter, and that same filter would cause yellow or imitation gold to go very dark, again as in that prototype photo. I sure hope Rapido has some documentation other than that one photo for their red on top decision, because I think it's wrong...

Dennis Storzek

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