resin model kits - canopy glue

Ray Hutchison

So I was going to start build on a couple of resin kits, thought I would try canopy glue this time, and then someone here (or another list) posted about taking models apart, putting them in the freezer, dropping them, and everything would pop apart.  I could have used that information a year ago, when I ruined a model trying to take an end off (the seller either did not mention or more likely did not know that it was resin kit) but...  now it brings things to a halt.  The bottle of canopy glue does say to protect from freezing.  My layout will be in unheated garage space, and it does get cold in Green Bay.  So... if it does get to freezing, does the model simply pop apart?  At what temperature?  And is Gorilla the best alternative if not canopy glue?

I know that I will not be leaving locomotives in the garage space, but the idea of moving several boxes of cars is a but overwhelming.

Ray Hutchison
Green Bay, WI

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