Re: Rapido announces HO Scale UTLX 10,000 gallon X-3 tankcar

Eric Hansmann



There are several points to determine about this photo, which I assume is the lower one in the file shared.


First, are these UTLX tank cars? I can’t determine ownership from the photo details.


Second, the tank car beside the B&O diesel has an insulated tank. If it is a UTLX tank car, it is not the same as Class X-3 models announce by Rapido.


Third, why are those tank cars there? I checked my 1922 B&O Form 6 book and see a siding a mile west of Sykesville for the Springfield State Hospital, just before Sykesville Tunnel. The siding has a 158 car capacity, with eight car lengths as company owned. Does the hospital receive oil in tank cars for their boilers? Or are these just being stored on a long track?


Further review of towns and customers east and west of that point does not reveal any Standard Oil dealers. I see a coal and lumber dealer t Woodbine, but that’s it. There are several customers along the line that only have names without an indication of their product focus.


I don’t have a later Form 6 book to consult for updated details.


Overall, the UTLX 10K gallon Class X-3 tank cars were a large proportion of the UTLX fleet. As you are modeling just after WW2, a few cars may still have their original K brake systems, but the lettering may have been updated. I’m not certain of the through train frequency you are planning for your layout, but there would probably be UTLX tank cars in those consists. Did the B&O service a Standard Oil refinery in Baltimore? I don’t see one listed in the 1922 Form 6.



Eric Hansmann

Murfreesboro, TN



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I guess I didn’t pay attention to the years of conversations about tank cars and I didn’t buy the book (I searched eBay and Amazon). So, I model 1950 B&0 on the east coast and I know I want about 15 of these cars for my fleet. Advice? 10 of the 1930s models and  5 of the1950s models or undec with ab brakes and hope NSC restocks decals for this model and I can make them appropriate for 1950?  I’ve attached a photo of the scene I want to recreate. Thank you. 


Bruce D. Griffin
Ashland, MD


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