Sunshine NRC/MDT composit reefers Kits 20.1 and 20.2

O Fenton Wells

I would love to have these kits and I feel many of you would as well.  Frank Hodina, CEO or Resin Car Works did the masters of these kits for Sunshine Modles years ago and is willing to re-create and re-release these cars as one piece bodies if there is enough interest.
One thing that would "prime the pump" so to speak would be for Frank to have access to an unbuilt kit.  If anyone out there has one and is willing to send it  to Frank at RCW please do and that person will get a replacement one piece body kit in return and the ability to buy more as well.  A good deal and we all win.
Frank can be contacted at RCW <rcw2@...> 
Hopefully someone steps up for this, thanking you all in advance.

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