Re: Rapido announces HO Scale UTLX 10,000 gallon X-3 tankcar

Dave Parker

A couple of things:

The artist's renderings presently on the Rapido website are generally not correct for the 54"-dome cars built 1919-21.  The 1923 build date (and the car number) match up to the 60" dome cars.  I would trust Rapido to get this straightened out well before production.

The "NEW" light-weight stencil could persist for many years, as tank cars were not reweighed except in the case of substantial modification (new trucks might be an example).

Other than the (MOL annual) repack stencil, the thing that "dates" a tank car is the pressure-test dates for tank and safety valves.  These intervals changed in 1930 (and perhaps later, it's beyond my period of interest), and differed somewhat across MCB/ARA/AAR car classes.  These stencils were quite small (1" lettering), so I think many modelers can live with date discrepancies in them (but not all of us!).

Dave Parker
Swall Meadows, CA

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