Re: Sunshine NRC/MDT composit reefers Kits 20.1 and 20.2

nyc3001 .

Accurate MDT and NRC models are a major gap in my fleet as well as those of most HO steam and transition era modelers. So I took a look at Terry Link's NYC freight car roster ( and Sunshine's MDT 6000-series ( and 8000-series PDSs to better understand the composite reefers.

From what I can determine, there are composite reefers with Dreadnaught square-corner ends (MDT 5000-5949, possibly MDT 5950-5999, MDT 6000-7999, NRC 2200-series). These are much more numerous than the round-corner 8000-series (although they seem otherwise similar) and should therefore be commensurately represented in one's own model fleet. I would definitely go for at least five square corner reefers. 

On the topic of MDT reefers as a whole, I think that we may not be so far from recreating some major prototypes in HO. Composite reefers for NRC and MDT are addressed above, but a 6000 series reefer can likely be kitbashed into a DICX dry ice car.

If, as Fenton said, the "wood end" cars will also be done by Frank, my understanding is that this could be referring to the M4 reefers. If this is true, this will fill a major hole in most modelers' MDT and NRC fleets. M4 reefers were a mainstay of the MDT and NRC fleets at over 12,000 cars. There are apparently repaint opportunities for Bangor and Aroostook (widely traveled and colorful fleet--Tony Thompson writes of this in his modelingthesp blog) and Lackawanna Reefer Line and a seemingly-simple kitbash opportunity (removal of ice hatches) for the DSDX insulated boxcars ("beer reefers").

Finally, it looks like the Intermountain R-40-23 body can be used to represent 8,730 reefers according to the May 1999 RMJ article on MDT reefers starting on pg. 48 ( with the substitution of various combinations of three roofs and four ends that Stan Rydarowicz used to sell. 

If these three groups are covered, I think (tentatively) that many of the major gaps in our MDT fleets will be filled, and we'll also get to make some BAR, LRX, DSDX, and DICX prototypes if we want. 

Feel free to add to or correct anything here, but this is what I can determine so far without Roger's MDT book (hopefully the interlibrary loan for that book goes through).


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