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Bruce Smith


Nice, but alas, none of these cars represent the scheme I am asking about. The car that I am modeling was built for NWX in 1940 and ultimately transferred to NADX circa 1950 and then leased to Hormel. While the Hormel scheme is great for everyone who modeled the SnT model as intended, circa mid-1950s, it won't work for me, and although both companies start with NORTH, I'm pretty sure NADX orange is not an indicator of the color of the NWX cars as built. And unfortunately, while most NWX cars were initially painted with grey sides, and post WWII a yellow and green scheme was adopted, neither of those scheme is relevant either. The AC&F built NWX 6800 series was a bit of an odd-ball, having solid yellow-orange sides. Now, one might reasonably speculate that the yellow might be the same as that on the yellow and green car, but I am looking for something more factual than speculation 😉

Bruce Smith
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Let the color debate begin. Here are various color photos of NADX meat reefers, most are Hormel. Two taken by Jim Sands, one by Soph Marty.


And some NWX cars. Note a grey and a green/yellow, each taken in Omaha in 1955.


Doug Harding


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I'm finally getting to the Shake-n-Take 2011 project, which was a 40' AC&F build reefer owned by NADX and leased to Hormel. However, that's too late for my time period. These cars were originally built in 1940 for North Western Refrigerator Line, series 6800-6899. As noted in RP Cyc vol. 4, page 66, unlike the previous grey sides for NWX, these cars had "yellow-orange" sides. Might any of you have a suggestion for a paint match?



Bruce Smith

Auburn Al.

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