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Bruce Smith


Thanks for the paint suggestion. The photo of 6858 is the puzzler. If, as you suggest, the cars were painted for a lessee, then why is 6858 painted that way, without markings for the lessee? I get that it may be that, if Oscar Meyer wanted them yellow, while only leasing a portion of the 99 cars, it may just have been easier for NWX to have AC&F paint them all the same color. Since neither the Oscar Meyer car, nor the 6858 have the "ball and bar", it seems reasonable to assume that no car in this series received that insignia. To me that smacks of NWX trying a "new" scheme, but yeah, it could be to satisfy lessees. Either way, it's an interesting variant on the typical NWX paint schemes. 

Bruce Smith
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On Sat, Sep 18, 2021 at 04:19 PM, Bruce Smith wrote:
These cars were originally built in 1940 for North Western Refrigerator Line, series 6800-6899. As noted in RP Cyc vol. 4, page 66, unlike the previous grey sides for NWX, these cars had "yellow-orange" sides. Might any of you have a suggestion for a paint match?
NWX 6804, one of the cars shown on p.66 is lettered for lease to Oscar Mayer. The other, 6858 is not marked for a lessee, but neither does it have the usual NorthWestern "ball and bar" insignia. The 68xx series were RSM meat reefers and likely all leased to meatpackers.  It's a reasonable conjecture that a lease is the reason for the non-standard color.  
Reefer yellow with a drop of orange seems about right  for 1950s color photos of Oscar Mayer reefers and the various models of them produced over the years. I'd go with that in the absence of direct evidence. 
Hope that's some help.
Jack Mullen

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