Re: North Western Refrigerator Line color

Dennis Storzek <dennis@...>

I grew up along one of the C&NW suburban lines in Chicago during the fifties and sixties, and remember seeing the yellow and green reefers, sometimes seeing them  with a suburban train passing on an adjacent track. I can say with certainty that the reefers were painted in the passenger colors, and that the yellow was chrome yellow without a hint of orange.

However, since the cars in question were intended to be leased to meat packers, and had no hint of C&NW involvement, at least as far as the public was concerned, it makes sense that they should be painted like most reefers of the day, with reefer orange sides. As to cars without any marks for the company leasing it, that is not unusual; most leasing companies would do short term leases to allow companies to "fine tune" the size of their fleet, and these short term leases did not include custom lettering the car.

Dennis Storzek

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