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Paul Koehler


Very well said. You took care of the shipper who wanted a car for loading first. Everything else came second.

Paul C. Koehler

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Robert G P wrote:

At an origin point such as a busy yard where lots of empties are located, who decides which car is used for what? Of course we all know that rules allow an empty Santa Fe boxcar in Cincinnati Oh to be loaded with cargo billed west as that is the direction of the car's home road but who decides on this? Could someone be written up or such for sending an empty Maine Central boxcar west when it should've been routed back north? Or using a large 50ft double door boxcar for a load where an old 40 ton would've been more than enough?
The individual responsible for this was the Car Distributor, who sent empties for loading. He was well aware of the Car Service Rules, but even more aware of “Rule Zero,” the “Boss Rule,” that your first responsibility is to serve the shipper — that is, send him a car without delay. In times of plentiful car supply (soft economy), he’d follow Car Service, but in times of tight car supply, he would grab anything in the yard that would work.

Tony Thompson

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