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Bruce Smith



While multiple dome tank cars are reasonably rare, there’s a clear explanation for this one. It was originally build as a single dome car, and then modified by compartmentalizing it into 3 separate compartments and adding the two end domes. I don’t know the ratio of purpose built multicompartment cars to these after-the-fact multicompartment cars, but among multicompartment cars, they aren’t all that unusual.



Bruce Smith

Auburn, Al


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I’m finishing up a book for the Missouri Pacific Historical Society based on photos from the Joe Collias collection the society bought in September 2018.  This morning I was looking through some 35mm shots that Wayne Leeman took while riding a freight between Jefferson City and St Louis in 1940.  I enlarged a shot he took of the St Louis yards and this odd three dome tank car appeared with two small domes and a large one in the middle section. 
Charlie Duckworth 
Omaha, Ne.

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