Re: Interesting three dome tank car St Louis 23rd St yard

Tim O'Connor


That's absurd. If domes had no purpose, they would not be there. They certainly do matter.


On 9/21/2021 2:54 PM, Tony Thompson wrote:
Tim O'Connor wrote:

I disagree Tony. A 3 dome car USUALLY has 3 compartments, but a 3 compartment tank car does not
necessarily have 3 domes. And construction of no-dome cars began well before the end of the STMFC era.

Not sure I get your point. If we are interested in what freight cars DO, then the compartments matter, and the domes don’t. If you are just a car-spotter or collector of train models, I guess the number of domes would be the visual marker you would want.

Tony Thompson

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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