Re: Interesting three dome tank car St Louis 23rd St yard

Tim O'Connor

more to the point dome-less pressure tanks were built decades earlier
although whether any of them were multi-compartment I don't know

On 9/21/2021 10:22 PM, D. Scott Chatfield wrote:
While some multi _manway_ single compartment tank cars have been built since 1960, for phosphorus for instance, I can't recall ever seeing a multi _dome_ single compartment tank car.  Can't say that such did not exist, but if such did exist I'd love to see a photo.  

This is not to say that all the compartments of a multi-compartment tank could not be used for the same product.  Probably happened a lot during the war years.

Yes, dome-less non-pressure tanks (spec ICC-111) were built before 1960, first by Union Tank in 1956 IIRC, they were not by any means common until after 1960.

Scott Chatfield

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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