Re: Milwaukee USRA SS (faded) boxcar color question

Chuck Cover

Hi Charlie,


I do not use Tru-Color paints, however, when I want to do a faded car, I paint the car it’s prototypical color, apply decals, and then weather it with washes of acrylic paints.  For the MILW car shown, I used Raw Umber with a small amount of Parchment acrylic paint mixed and then diluted with water to make a thin wash.  The wash is applied to the ends and sides using vertical brush strokes.  Wait a few minutes for the wash to dry and apply additional washes until you get the faded effect that you desire.  White can be substituted for parchment but it lightens the wash much more. 


The faded look we see in prototypical photos of freight cars is actually caused by many washes of rain/snow and dust/dirt that cover the cars.  Makes sense to weather our models in a similar fashion.


Chuck Cover

Santa Fe, NM

PRR’s Shamokin Branch

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