Re: Roundhouse 50' SS DD / drilling holes problems

Todd Sullivan

Hi Ken,

When I am drilling holes in anything, I brace my drilling hand and/or the pin vise with my free hand.  I'm right handed, so I brace with my left by putting some fingers on a solid item (workbench or layout surface, usually), and having my index finger (usually) touching the pin vise or my right hand.  I also try to not put sideways pressure on the pin vise and drill bit, as that reduces the chance of the bit breaking.  It seems to be working, as I have had few broken bits over the past few months.

On one occasion, I broke three bits in rapid succession, do I put down the pin vise and had a serious talk with myself about improving my technique and being steadier.  My personal trip to my (virtual) woodshed worked, as I haven't broken another bit since.

I hope these suggestions help!

Todd Sullivan

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