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I am fortunate in that I have a set of Andy Carlson's cast sides for this car.  I got the castings as I am skillfully challenged when it comes to carving off ladders (Years ago when Richard Hendrickson was doing articles for the "Western /Southwestern prototype magazines I attempted to carve the side and end ladders off a Trains Miniaure refer.  After many unsuccessful hours of carving I abandoned the practice forever).

Andy has always been critical  of the deep board separations  This prompted him to do the castings.  I hope to get to.this project in this lifetime.

Bill Pardie

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Has anyone found a good technique for filling in the overly thick "board" grooves ? Between that and carving off grabs, I've avoided this and many other plastic cars...

I've wondered if Mr. Hobby Surfacer would do the trick but have too many other tasks on the list ...


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