Re: Roundhouse 50' SS DD

Tim O'Connor

30 or so years ago after breaking about a dozen #80 drills over the course of a year I invested
in a high quality drill press. I still use it and almost never break drills anymore.

A freight car can require a LOT of drilling. I once counted 75 holes drilled for a resin gondola kit.

I use hand held pin vises only for larger drills, or for reaming out (enlarging) holes.

Tim O'Connor

On 9/24/2021 1:32 PM, Ken Adams wrote:
I have taken to wearing a thick glove on my left hand (I am right handed) when slicing off plastic cast on detail.  Too many slips and a run for the band-aid box.

Also look beyond the Exacto blades to UMM chisels and scrapers, OLFA tools and the narrower X-17a blade.

Now if I could only keep the #78-79 drill bits from breaking for drilling the replacement mounting holes.  I have probably tried every suggestion in the pages of this group dating back to Yahoo groups and other web pages and magazine articles and not found any foolproof method that works for me.
Ken Adams
*Tim O'Connor*
*Sterling, Massachusetts*

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