Re: Roundhouse 50' SS DD

Tim O'Connor

Better, except for the death of the retail hobby shops with a few exceptions. That is an aspect of the
hobby that I sorely miss. Even mail order (i.e. reservations) has gotten to be very complicated, esp when
delivery times stretch out more than a year. :-(

Tim O'Connor

On 9/25/2021 11:17 PM, Andy Carlson wrote:

As modelers, we have always felt happy with the best available model until a better one comes along. All of the earlier Sunshine, Westerfield and F&C single sheathed cars had deep and wide groves which made, in my opinion, horrible car sides but many bought them with gleeful pride. Then the better scribed techniques came out in various attempts to mitigate unrealistic car sides with differing results. Richard Hendricksen said it well when he stated that the "Good Old Days of modeling is today". The pure joy I felt upon my viewing of the then new Kadee PS-1 box cars prompted me to state that these box cars were the best HO freight cars to that point. And things are continuing to get better!

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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