Re: Virginian high-side gondola

Steve Summers


By 1955 there would have been only one class of Virginian 12 panel gondolas, class G-1A (Bobs Photo):

There were also very similar looking class G-6 high side gondolas, but these had an extra pair of ribs added to the last side panels next to the grab irons making them 14 panel gondolas (N&WHS archives photo):

On Sep 26, 2021, at 4:08 PM, Richard Townsend via <richtownsend@...> wrote:

In Allen Copeland's Denver & Rio Grande Western Color Pictorial - Volume One (p. 51) there is a September 1955 photo at Tabernash, CO, that appears to include a Virginian high-side gondola. The car has 12-panel sides that are not offset (i.e. not like the F&C VGN gondola). In my limited resources I have only been able to find photos of VGN offset-side gons. Can anyone enlighten me about what this car might be and what its characteristics are?

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, OR

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