Re: more glue questions Aleene's

John Mateyko

I've used Aleene's for many years.  First, the economics.  It is available in three sizes.  Approx 2 oz, then two larger sizes.
The large size is tempting, but the glue gets very thick about six months after opening so I buy the medium size which comes in 
a plastic, squeezable bottle.
The glue is white when it comes out of the tube and allows about five minutes of 'play time' before it starts to set and you can force it around for the next couple of minutes.  At fifteen minutes it is pretty much set.  Aleene's is water soluable so if you use it to construct a plastic building kit, if you need to take apart the building just set it in a tub of water for an hour or so, separate the pieces and pick off the dried glue.
I would not use it for trying to bond two pieces which could pull apart.  Whatever that strength is called, Aleene's does not have it.
If you would like to talk about it, send me a private message with your phone number and best time to call.
John Mateyko

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