Re: Sunshine News & Naperville

Tom Gloger

... for those looking for good (and
reasonably-priced) Mexican fare, there's a place only a couple of
blocks from Des Plaines Hobbies, in a corner-oriented strip mall.
The name might be "Famous Burrito". Tim, do you remember?

Yeah, something like that -- "El Famouso Burrito". Tasty,
inexpensive, heaping gobs of intestinal lubricants.
I second that opinion! It's "El Famous Burrito," and it's about
quarter mile up, on the right, N.E. corner of Lee and Algonquin.
El Famous is a chain in this area. I think there's one in or near
Naperville. Check the phone book for one near you.
(Is my mouth watering, or was that my sprinkler system just went
off? :-)

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