Re: [EXT] [RealSTMFC] center punch for small (>0.015in/0.4mm) holes

Bruce Smith

You are trying too hard! Or rather pushing too hard. I use a simple push pin. A sewing needle should work just fine. You just need to break the surface, to have a place for the drill bit to rest and catch.
Bruce Smith
Auburn, Al

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Subject: [EXT] [RealSTMFC] center punch for small (>0.015in/0.4mm) holes
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Can anyone suggest a needle to use as a center punch/awl to dimple plastic before drilling so drills don't drift?
 I've tried using the smallest sewing needle chucked in a pin vice. It gets too large in diameter too quickly. 
What I want is a small diameter, hard metal shaft like an old fashioned phonograph needle. Anyone ever try this or know where I can get just one phonograph needle (Ebay sells 100/$10). Anyone have any other suggestions?
Years ago I used one of the needles on a tiny bow compass. Sadly I lost that tool. Anyone know where I can buy those needles separately without having to place a big order?
Speaking of that compass/divider it had 1-1/2 in legs and the thumb screw was to one side, not in between the legs. I bought it in an art supply store 30 years ago. Can anyone lead me to something similar?

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