Decals galore

Clark Propst

Drove down to Caboose Stop Hobbies at Cedar Falls Ia yesterday on a whim. Was looking for parts to fix up a P2K engine that was given to me. One item on my mental list was decals. I had glanced through some of their decals before, but never flipped through each one. They must have 5 or 6 plastic containers 12x18x6"? full, plus a couple metal cabinet draws full. I'm sure they came from estates they'd bought. Their are Mask Island, Oddballs, Walthers, Champ, Micro Scale, Herald King and some off brands including decals for Walthers passenger cars I believe? There are a ton of Erie and ATSF, plus area RRs, but not limited to just those.
Have no idea how you could buy any without being there in person. I'm sure they won't go though and look for you, but you never know. They do a virtual thing live on Wednesday evenings that will air on Utube through a link on their web page.
I've been invited back next week to see a new collection of interest to many on this list. I'll see how that goes and report back.
Clark Propst

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