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Charlie Duckworth

I’ve been using Loctite Super Glue gel for  building the main parts (ends, sides and roof) for my latest 4-5 builds.  It doesn’t come apart like traditional ACC if the parts are bumped. I still use the thin or medium ACC to attach the detail parts however.   I found it through Amazon.  I also like using Canopy Glue for the roofs on resin kits as it allows me to move the roof around until I get it even on the sides and ends.   Any glue showing can be removed with a damp Q-tip.  

Charlie Duckworth 

On Thu, Sep 30, 2021 at 11:33 AM Paul Doggett via <> wrote:
I have built many resin kits and always use ACC/superglue but have a bottle of debonder handy.
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On 30 Sep 2021, at 17:28, Chuck Soule <timken2626@...> wrote:

This is a slight step away from the current thread about more glue questions, so I thought I would keep the threads separate.

The instructions for a Westerfield kit I just bought at a swap meet recommends ACC, but comments on the other thread suggest it might not necessarily be the best because it can be brittle.  What are your thoughts - ACC or something else.  Looking at the kit parts, they are a gray resin, so are different from the greenish resin of some Westerfield kits I built quite a few years ago.

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