Re: Kadee, Sam Clarke's retirement

Brian Termunde

While I'm an N Scaler, I've appreciated your helpful posts, and will miss them . . . although I DO hope you stay somewhat active here.

Thanks for your contributions, and all the best in your retirement.

Take Care,
Brian R. Termunde
Murray, Utah
Who is not retired, just tired!

Kadee, Sam Clarke's retirement
From: SamClarke
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2021 11:39:26 PDT
Hello group and friends,

This is to formally announce my retirement after 26 years with Kadee Quality Products. My actual last day at work will be October the 6th.
My health is good and my plans are to enjoy life and time with my family. It's been a good run, presently Kadee has no direct replacement.

Sam  R&D Kadee Quality Products

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