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Ray Breyer

We do have a builder's photo showing most of the B end of 176399. The "Jemco" wheel looks like a plain old stemwinder. The 164000-164999 series auto cars also got these hand brakes in 1927, so they mist have been an experimental buy on the IC at that date.

It looks like some of these cars did get Ajax power brake wheels during the 1941 rebuild and renumber. It ALSO looks like some of them were re-converted to stemwinders in 1945. So for postwar modelers its possible to have a variety of brake appliances.

Ray Breyer
Elgin, IL

On Friday, October 1, 2021, 09:01:20 AM CDT, Nelson Moyer <npmoyer@...> wrote:

Thanks, Steve. Funny how I can read something several times as still miss little gems like ‘a beard take-up reel at the base of the vertical brake staff’. I hope Frank will provide the back story. Dennis is of the opinion that IC wouldn’t remove a geared brake appliance and replace it with a non-geared stemwinder, but maybe a part broke and replacements were no longer available, or maybe the manufacturer was out of business, etc. Then, can we trust the car diagram when they got the end wrong? It shows six Dreadnaught ribs with the wrong shape for a 3/5 end.


I ran the IC geared hand brake photo by Gene Green, and he provided the Jemco page I attached. He told me he had never seen that particular type of geared handbrake, and he didn’t know who made it, maybe IC shops. He did tell me that it wasn’t a Jemco, as there were differences.


Considering that this model has been in progress since February, I can wait a little longer for whatever additional information Frank may be able to provide. Meanwhile, I’ll figure out how to model the “beard take-up reel” based upon the end photo I attached. It could be a challenge finding gears that small in HO scale.


Nelson Moyer


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Frank Hodina, who created the mini kit is in Florida, I believe for a bit longer.  He may chime in later.


It appears that someone knew something about the gears at the base of the brake staff


although I have no clue what “beard” means in this context.   (Geared? Surely not weird.  Curse you auto correct!)


However, the IC diagram sheet shows that by 1951 the Jemco handbrake had been replaced by a “Standard Shaft.”



Since the builder’s drawing shows the geared approach, I would say you are fully justified in doing so, too.


So that might be the best approach.


Good luck.


Steve Hile


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Since everyone is modeling the non-geared version, I wondered if they know something I didn’t, as either the cars weren’t built as drawn or something else. Without a 1940s B end photo, I guess it’s choose your version and nobody can argue with you either way. Non-geared is easier to build but less interesting, so I’ll go with geared unless somebody proves otherwise.


Nelson Moyer




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On Thu, Sep 30, 2021 at 05:09 PM, Nelson Moyer wrote:

or if it was original equipment that was removed when AB brakes were installed in 1945.


There would be no reason to remove this early high power brake unless the replaced it with a more modern vertical wheel style. They certainly wouldn't remove it and replace it with a non-geared horizontal wheel, if that's what you are asking.

Dennis Storzek

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