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Scott H. Haycock

Micro-Mark sells this box of watch gears that may be useful for a project like you were contemplating:

Scott Haycock
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Precision Scale also has some brake parts with gears that I’ve cut around to use for brakes that aren’t commercially available, but the smaller of the two that are visible in the posted photo is the one I haven’t figured out yet.


Based upon Ray’s information, it looks like the stemwinder may have been the predominant brake system by the late 1940s, so I may take the path of least resistance and go with a stemwinder like everybody else. I’m going to wait to see if Frank has any other information before making the final decision.


Nelson Moyer


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Tichy makes a brake step with a small gear and with some trimming and sanding one could
isolate the gear from the rest although I don't know if it would be the correct size for this application.

Tim O'Connor


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