Re: IC 2019 RPM Mini-Kit

Paul Doggett

Those are very useful I have saved them as I have a Speedwitch SP A50-4 to build.
Many thanks 
Paul Doggett.    England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 

On 1 Oct 2021, at 22:28, Nelson Moyer <npmoyer@...> wrote:

I edited the B end photo and the Pullman drawing in Photoshop to see more detail on the geared brake system, and the edited photos are attached. The drawing is indeed the same as the photo except for the gear arrangement. You'll have to zoom in on the brake housing photo to compare it to the drawing. By lightening the photo, I think the brake chain is on a horizontal reel on the right side of the housing. It appears that when the brake wheel is turned, the horizontal rotation is converted into vertical rotation to rotate the chain reel through a set of gears applying mechanical advantage. I think the two 'horns' under the brake housing are mechanical stops, limiting the amount of turns in each direction. I'd like to hear from some of you mechanical engineers to see if this microbiologist is on the right track (pun intended).

Nelson Moyer
<IC Geared Hand Brake Photo.jpg>
<IC Geared Hand Brake Drawing.jpg>

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