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Steve, Tony,

Since the Rock and SP proper only had the single interchange point which happened to be at Tucumcari writing the routing as RI-SP was also unambigous, at least as long as the T&NO was about.

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On Thursday, September 30, 2021, 03:00:24 PM EDT, Tony Thompson <tony@...> wrote:

Steve Hile wrote:

I was asked, today, what code would be used for Tucumcari, New Mexico on waybills routing cars Rock Island to SP and vice versa through Tucumcari?  I might guess TUC, but that risks confusion with Tucson, perhaps.

Any advice or other learned information.

I have been told that agents typically used whatever abbreviation on waybills they thought was needed, so consistency was not observed. On the SP, the reweigh location code for Tucumcari was “T” but I would guess an agent would write something short like “TUC.” Remember this is a designation of a junction. Tucson is not a junction with the Rock Island, so I can’t see confusion by using that. Then that part of the waybill would read “RI-TUC-SP,” which I think is unambiguous.
I was also told that when an agent had to write a junction not familiar to him, he might well spell it out, whereas someone else who wrote that junction all the time would have an abbreviation. But abbreviations were all over the map, so to speak. The example I was given was Council Bluffs, abbreviated variously from “CO BL” to “CBL” to “CB."

Tony Thompson

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