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Bruce Smith

Rapido offers undec kits as well, which is where this part of the thread started. ūüėČ



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Tangent also offers undecorated kits for their models.


gary roe

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Brian: good morning.  You're absolutely right.  As I said in my original email,  not everyone will agree with me.  Yes, Westerfield offers the Bx-11 in cast resin. I believe Jon Cagle offers the Bx-12 in 1:48, and it should not be too difficult to modify it. 

Perhaps I should have been more precise in my earlier post. Prototype Junction was apparently going to offer several prototypes -- eight, if memory serves -- some of which have been available as kits, most of which have not.  I think it would be nice if someone undertook the original project, either in resin, which should not require crowdfunding, or in styrene.  If done by a manufacturer, I for one would appreciate it if they would offer the option of undecorated kits, as Intermountain used to.  Regards, Bob. 


On Wed, Oct 6, 2021, 07:58 Brian Stokes <bstokesndp@...> wrote:

Robert: I thought there was at least one resin version of this car out there? Seems you can have your creative side while others can have their RTR. 


For the (small minority) of folks like you and I there are ways to get what we want. In my case, I'm pretty much left to scratch-build the BX-11 that I want in Proto:48...



Brian Stokes
North Point Street in Proto:48

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