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Tim O'Connor


Comparing with photos, the Champ decals roadname and some other lettering is clearly better, but neither
one of them is 100% accurate. The cars were 70 ton capacity, so the first car is clearly wrong on that score.
If there are Middle Division decals for these cars, those sets are usually reliably close to perfect.

I remember when Champ redid the stock car lettering for the Central Valley NP stock car kits. I thought the
lettering was excellent. Then I saw Rick Leach's decals set for the same cars, released by the NPRHA. It took
me quite a while to see any difference, but then there it is -- subtle differences in the shapes of the lettering! :-)
But I won't redo the cars I already built - If I ever build another one, I will use Rick's lettering.

Tim O'Connor

On 10/5/2021 7:00 PM, Chuck Cover wrote:

I did a review of the Rail Shop PRR H30 model in the PRRT&HS publication TKM No.78, Autumn 2011, which included some construction photos.  I have now built 2, they are nice kits.  Photo of finished cars on the layout are attached.


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