Re: more glue questions

Tim O'Connor

As I mentioned before, adding MEK to barge cement will eliminate the strings and allow the use of
a 'paint brush'. I use a very cheap disposable - but cleanable - brush to apply the cement. The strings
only reappear if you take too much time and the MEK evaporates. But generally it's not a problem.

Tim O'Connor

On 10/8/2021 8:20 PM, Todd Sullivan via wrote:
Yes, becaue that is the nature and characteristics of petro-based contact cements.  However, I have found that Barge Cement is less prone to 'string'.  I usually use a toothpick to apply the cement by gathering some on the toothpick, then rolling the toothpick to gather up any strings, then applying it to the part(s) to be cemented.  That has worked pretty well for me, and the bond seems to be stronger than GOO.

Todd Sullivan

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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