Re: more glue questions

Tony Thompson

From my British modelling days 30 years ago I have a bogie open wagon (aka a gondola) plastic kit that had its lead weights glued on the bottom with contact adhesive (Evo-Stick) which now has a banana shaped floor, even though it was completely in the open and not sealed shut.

These days I’m a fan of using canopy glue to hold weights in place, it’s just slow to set.
In my youth (not going to do the arithmetic right now), I glued the car weights into Athearn “Blue Box” cars with Goo. In 20 years or so, those floors too were “banana” or other peculiar shapes. Totally ruined, and in most cases distorting the rest of the car body too.

BTW, Full agreement about canopy glue. Excellent and versatile stuff.

Tony Thompson

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