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First, there is a free online download for HathiHelper, a program where you start at the first page of a document you would like to have as a pdf.  Cut and paste the address of the first page and follow the program setup.  It will work in the background, copying each page and, at the end, assemble all the pages into a single pdf.   I have downloaded railroad journals and books running over a thousand pages using it.


Hathi has many railroad histories, runs of railroad trade and union journals, and other material like county and city histories that are valuable for railroad research.  WARNING:  HathiTrust can have a negative impact on your available leisure time, so tread carefully!!!


Between Google, HathiTrust, and the Linda Hall Digital Library one can assemble a good library of railroad journals.  Just a few short years ago one would have to make research trips to a myriad of libraries and try to copy material page by page.  While the copies are not always complete (people doing the scanning or original microfilming often left the inserts folded in the binding (if they had not already been cut out and stolen from the library) they are for the most part complete and a valuable resource.


Jstore is another goldmine of information.  The best portal is your library card if your local library offers it as a digital resource.


Second, a story of missed youthful opportunity….  I attended Brook Park Elementary in La Grange Park, Illinois during the mid 1950s.  One of my classmates was Bob Lucas…..whose father had an HO layout and worked for Simmons-Boardman in Chicago, publisher of Railway Age.  His dad must have been Walter Lucas!  Shoulda Woulda Coulda……


Charlie Vlk


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Hi Bob and List Members,


Thanks Bob for locating this valuable reference book online


I will add that if you are a member of Hathi Trust, and you log in to Hathi Trust with your login ID, you can download the entire book in PDF format, which I find to be considerably more convenient than using a web browser


Claus Schlund


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On-Line Book: 100 Years of Railroad Cars

Book by Walter Arndt Lucas

Published 1958

Illustrated. Also available as plain text.

Table of Contents

Bob Chaparro

Hemet, Ca

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