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Thanks, Ed!
I located the N&W drawings per your recommendation-perfect!
I noticed that PS calls the crossbearers 'floor beams'. I looked up both terms in the 1940 CBC, and they appear to not be exactly the same thing. Since the term predates these cars, what, if anything, is the difference?  
Scott Haycock

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I need an underframe drawing for a 40' PS-1 with an 8' door built in 1954. The model I'm working on is A D&H car. I thought I had a scan from an old MM Article in my computer, but I'm unable to find it.

Any help would be appreciated!
In April 1953 with production of 100 PS-1s built in lot 8105, Pullman-Standard introduced a new underframe modification applicable to subsequent PS-1s with door openings of 6’, 7’, and 8'. This new standard u/f design originated with the development and building of an experimental car, PSX-1 (the 2nd) in Job Order No. 36935, in which several other design changes were also made, such as welded seams joining the top & bottom end sheets (vs. riveted) & a change to the bolster design that included wider bolster to side sill connections (i.e., “bolster tabs”). All of these changes were incorporated in the 250 D&H 20000-20249 PS-1s built in lot 8294. 
The lot 8105 & subsequent 40’ PS-1s used a “standard spread” of 8’-7 3/4”, measured to the crossbearer vertical webs. Truck centers were 30’-10”. Other applicable underframe dimensions are as follows with dimensions measured from the car center line to the vertical webs of either the crossbearers or floor beams (4” x 8.2 lb. Z). 
a. 4’-3 7/8” to crossbearer web.
b. 8’-3 7/8” to 1st floor beam web (closest to car lengthwise center line).
c. 11’-2 3/4” to 2nd floor beam (closest to bolsters).
d. 15’-5” to bolster center line.
For drawings I suggest the N&W Historical Society Archives. P-S lots 8261 (N&W 42000-42499, built 8-55) & 8306 (N&W 42500-42899, built 10-56), which were nearly identical to the D&H cars of interest to you. The underframe should be identical. 
Underframe & brake arrg’t -
Good luck with your model! 
Ed Hawkins

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