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Thanks, Al. That's the one I was looking for. 

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PS-1 Underframe with 8' door 
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I need an underframe drawing for a 40' PS-1 with an 8' door built in 1954. The model I'm working on is A D&H car. I thought I had a scan from an old MM Article in my computer, but I'm unable to find it.

Any help would be appreciated!
In April 1953 with production of 100 PS-1s built in lot 8105, Pullman-Standard introduced a new underframe modification applicable to subsequent PS-1s with door openings of 6’, 7’, and 8'. This new standard u/f design originated with the development and building of an experimental car, PSX-1 (the 2nd) in Job Order No. 36935, in which several other design changes were also made, such as welded seams joining the top & bottom end sheets (vs. riveted) & a change to the bolster design that included wider bolster to side sill connections (i.e., “bolster tabs”). All of these changes were incorporated in the 250 D&H 20000-20249 PS-1s built in lot 8294. 
The lot 8105 & subsequent 40’ PS-1s used a “standard spread” of 8’-7 3/4”, measured to the crossbearer vertical webs. Truck centers were 30’-10”. Other applicable underframe dimensions are as follows with dimensions measured from the car center line to the vertical webs of either the crossbearers or floor beams (4” x 8.2 lb. Z). 
a. 4’-3 7/8” to crossbearer web.
b. 8’-3 7/8” to 1st floor beam web (closest to car lengthwise center line).
c. 11’-2 3/4” to 2nd floor beam (closest to bolsters).
d. 15’-5” to bolster center line.
For drawings I suggest the N&W Historical Society Archives. P-S lots 8261 (N&W 42000-42499, built 8-55) & 8306 (N&W 42500-42899, built 10-56), which were nearly identical to the D&H cars of interest to you. The underframe should be identical. 
Underframe & brake arrg’t -
Good luck with your model! 
Ed Hawkins

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