CB&Q 50' box car help

Clark Propst

At a train show last Sunday I picked up a P2K kit of a CB&Q 50’ DD box car for $6. I usually have a RMJ or RP Cyc article of a car I’m modeling, but not this time (unless I missed something?). I cruised through the underframe assemble, but hit a wall on the trucks. Are the kit supplied trucks correct? Maybe or ASF A-3s? I've come to believ 'most' of the stuff in these kits is correct. But the trucks and other parts I'm about to mention are pretty much generic in my opinion. I looked at the B end parts on the sprue. There’s a crude Ajax hand wheel with a gear box that’s (to the best of my knowledge) not Ajax. Is Ajax correct? Is the wood running board correct. Guess that’s what I need to know to finish it?

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