Re: more glue questions


This discussion of Goo reminds me of a couple humorous stories.
I too found Goo distorts plastic so I was reluctant to use it..
Once I pulled off the soap dish by the bath tub in my apartment. It was made of ceramic material, the same as the tiles.  I had a tube of hardly used Goo so I glued the soap dish back with the Goo. Worked like a charm.
Once in a Holiday Inn I sat down on a chair and it literally broke into 8 pieces. I'd had a few drinks with dinner that night so I wasn't thinking. clearly. I thought they might make me pay for the chair. Again Goo came to the rescue. 
Another time after a few drinks I glued the side of a Qualitycraft caboose (N&W?)  to the body only to discover the next day that you could see a side brace through one of the windows.
I guess alcohol and model building don't mix.
Re barge cement a 2 oz bottle will probably last me a life time.

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