Off topic help request


        I hope that this post will be tolerated long enough to generate some valid input. 

          While digitizing the many, many, boxes of slides I gathered from my own collection, some of both my late fathers and brothers collection, some Canadian rr slides have surfaced. Era was the late seventies/ early eighties and yes, I know that is off this lists timeline, something I strongly feel should be upheld and why I ask the lists indulgence. I believe these are my brothers photos taken in a trip with my parents as my father planned to go west through Canada to Vancouver BC, then return through the US to St. Paul photographing "what was left" of the Milwaukee Road's western electrification. The Canadian portion of the slides are geographically from west of Winnipeg and through the western Canadian Rockies.

The question is: Canadian list members and others, might you suggest a suitable publicly accessible and active Canadian repository to send these slides to?   

If more than one response, and I'd hope for that, I'll consider them all then act.                                                                    thank you,  James Dick - Roseville, MN 
Off line response would be best. 

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