Late 40's to mid 50's military rail movements

Robert G P

Hello all, 

I would like to model very accurately a few cars -probably loaded flats- carrying military equipment appropriate to my era. I have seen a lot of US Army boxcars or whatever and such but have never witnessed these in manifest freights. 

Basically what my question is, what did military (non complete train and non troop) movements in this era look like? The flats would've been road owned surely? How likely is it that a DOD or U.S Army/Navy/AF lettered car of any type would be loaded and sent out with about 4 or 5 flats with crates and vehicles? 

And yes I know the cheap US Army lettered stuff is practically as un-prototypical as it gets, F.Y.I... And that most prototypical US Army stuff was meant for movements on their own property like the Transportation Corps.

Thank you much,

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