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Gentlemen,  I am in agreement on the 155 Howitzer (tires and the barrel snoot under the canvas). My father, WW2, 8” Howitzers, his outfit used M4 tractors. He told me some outfits had “big” trucks, which he referred to as “Brockway’s”. 10 ton?  Also, on the gun on the flatcar notice both the large timber runners under the gun carriage and also the wood wheel chocks. Also, the timbers on outside of M5 tracks. Hi, Hi, Hee!


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155mm guns are possible … they do look too heavy for the 75mm guns. As for tractors, they used most anything that would pull them. That depended on the country to be crossed. The original tractor for the 155mm guns were 7.5-ton Mack NO 6X6 trucks. .The ubiquitous 2.5-ton CCKW 6X6s were too light for the heavier guns (except on decent roads). The M4 and M5 “high-speed” tracked tractors were a better solution with far better cross-country performance. The M4s seemed to be used mostly for the 155mm guns, 8” howitzers, and 120mm AA guns. The smaller M5 tractors were mostly used for 105mm and 90mm AA guns. The larger M6 tractors were for the 120mm AA and 240mm guns. All this was HIGHLY variable. You used what you had, or tried to. Such tractors also pulled ammo and utility trailers of every description. Also present were all manner of de-turreted older tanks used as tractors.


Dan Mitchell


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I’d be more inclined towards 155mm guns. 105/75mm would not likely have artillery tractors. 





Brian Ehni



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The first photo is of M5 artillery tractors with towed field-pieces (probably 105mm, possibly 75mm).


The second photo shows a GMC CCKW “deuce-and-a-half” 6X6 and a Dodge weapons-carrier on the same flat.


Dan Mitchell


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This one appears to be a 6x6 on an EJ&E flat.

Jim Murrie 





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