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Charlie Vlk

Nice model Dan!

Didn’t Roco make two versions of USATC Flats….the one pictured and another with straight sides?  AMTRAK got a bunch of them and likely used them to move locomotive and passenger car trucks around.

Charlie Vlk


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The M-103 was a most impressive vehicle. The first pilot model was completed in 1949, but the productionmachines didn’t appear until 1953, so it’s right at the end off the steam-era.


For more info on the M-103 and my scratchbuilt 1/35 model of it, see <. >.


Roco made a very poor HO model of it, one of their earlier efforts. The hull is oversimplified, and the turret is almost all wrong.


Roco also had a very poor model of the early M-48.


For a far nicer HO model of a “just barely” steam-era tank consider the Artitec M48 (1952). Unfortunately it’s a later version (ca. 1960), but the differences are minor aside from the engine deck (Diesel vs. gasoline). Here’s my ca. 1960 version, on the ROCO flatcar. It puts the Roco model to shame.



To backdate the model you’d need to scratchbuild a new flatter engine deck (perhaps salvage one from the old Roco model??), remove the vision-spacer ring beneath the commander’s cupola, and replace the gun barrel with a slightly thinner one (90mm instead of 105mm), and have just three track return rollers. Only the engine-deck conversion would be a considerable job.


Dan Mitchell




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In 1949, the T43 heavy tank was approved for development.  It eventually became the M103 heavy tank, of which 300 were built.

They weighed about 65 tons.  One fits nicely on the 100 ton flats that are being discussed.

I am sure the Army included the possibility of having to transport heavy tanks like these when they commissioned the flat cars.


Edward Sutorik


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