Re: Late 40's to mid 50's military rail movements


Richard's comment about the tubing/timbers had me look again.

I can definitely see some wedge shaped pieces of steel under the rising track.  And I can see what look like welds at the base of the steel.  Thus I suspect there is some sort of horizontal steel member there.  Outside of that, I DO see what looks like a piece of wood, what with the knots and such.

I do agree it could have been for clearance reasons, though it doesn't look that it is overhanging all that much.  Extreme width for the car is 10' - 2".  If we take the common extreme width of 10' - 8", there's 3" overhang per side, which is pretty close to what I believe I am seeing.

I surely wish I could see THAT photo BIG!


Edward Sutorik

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