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Bruce Smith


I ordered set D6602 less than one month ago. I would not go by the decal code on the kit listing. Instead you can just type "NWX" into the search window in the store. That will get you both the kits and decals available. Shipping is $6.65 (and the decal is $6.00) so it might pay to order more than one set of decals to lighten the per decal shipping cost (I didn't because I just had to have them for my Shake-n-take reefer!)

Bruce Smith
Auburn, Al

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Chuck Cover asked:
"I am looking for decals for a Westerfield #6702 North Western Refrigerator AC&F Type 3 reefer car, NWX."

Fenton Wells replied:
"I'd go back to Westerfield as they sell them separately."

The current price list does not show these decals available separately ("D" notation after kit price.)

Still, it's worth a shot sending Andrew an e-mail.

Ben Hom 

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