Re: GM&O GSC 53' 6" Flat Car Build, Bloomington Shops 1951

Jason P

I can't remember if it was these flatcars or the GSC pulpwood racks that GM&O bought but at least one of them (maybe both?) were assembled after delivery using salvaged trucks, brake components, and such from retired freight cars.

In either case, the cars did arrive to the GM&O's shop facilities in "kit form" as seen in the photos.

-Jason P.

On 10/19/2021 8:37 PM David via <> wrote:

On the one hand, it seems appropriate that the castings were delivered
on a PRR F30a. On the other hand, those were a few feet shorter than the
standard GSC flat, so these photos actually show the 42'6" cast flats in
GM&O series 70500-70749.

David Thompson

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