Re: GM&O GSC 53' 6" Flat Car Build, Bloomington Shops 1951


Aha, now I understand why parts of this thread didn't make sense.  The header of this thread, and the D202 decal, both show 53'-6".  Now, being a Kansas modeler, I could have expected loads to come in on GM&O flatcars occasionally, so I could use a model of either one of these flatcars, but not a pulpwood car.

I have a couple of the Walthers flats stashed away, and I'd be happy to build one of the longer flats now that I know there's a decal that's right.  It doesn't take long on that model to remove the molded-on grabs and steps and replace them.  As far as I know, all the models I built ten+ years ago still have their decks adherent and flat, which I can't say for the P2K Pullman flats.

Ron Merrick

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