X-3 Tank Car Rapido

Dave Boss

Hello Folks
                    I'm no expert by any means on freight cars, I'm just reaching out to the group to correct me if I'm wrong about this. Rapido has always made a excellent an accurate model of various proto types. However the Rapido features list of X-3 tank cars reads a 54" dome as one of details on the model. I have just went through and checked ALL the UTLX numbers against the X-3 Table-4 in Stephen Hile's UTLX tank car book. I read from the table the following data.
#17550............ is an 8000 gallon car not a 10,000 gallon car
#30443.............is a 60" dome with a screw manway cover not a 54" dome with bolted 2 safety valves All of the rest of the car numbers with any UTLX reporting marks are also 60" domes
Also Rapido doesn't say if the model features 1 or both side dome platforms The numbers chosen have both variations?
           I hope I'm wrong about this, but I just want to hear some of your opinions about this before I order any of these cars Any help is appreciated.

Good Day
Dave Boss

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