Cleaning off my desk

Clark Propst

I usually try to work on one model at a time. Beings I had to wait for trucks and mad a stupid goof I also needed to wait for decals for the KCS PS-1. So, I opened the SL_SF Sunshine kit I bought a couple Wednesdays ago. Then  I picked up the P2K CB&Q auto car kit for $6 and picked a assembled Ribside Cars model out of a $5 a car pop flat at a swap meet a couple weeks ago thinking they would take long to finish. I had to do more work to them that I thought, but finally cleared my desk yesterday morning. Just in time to start on basically a scratch building project for Jason Klocke. He wants three of the FDDM&S welded bulkhead flats built after time stops for this list.  

Instead of writing a book detail what I did on each car I think it's best to just answer any questions someone may have.

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