Re: GM&O GSC 43' Flat Car Build, Bloomington Shops 1951


The thin decks are a deficiency that has since been fixed. There is no reason to worry about it on future runs - the GSI 53'6" bulkhead flatcars had the new decks and I am told that future releases of the standard flatcar will also have deck sheets of the correct thickness.

If it wasn't obvious by the title of my message, yes, we are referring to what ExactRail called the 42' flatcar. It's actually slightly longer, since 42' is the length of usable deck that Union Pacific listed in their rosters and ORER entries. The GM&O car is exactly the same, but they measured to end of the wood planking instead of ends of the entire deck including the steel framing hence being called a "41-foot car".

Josh B

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