Re: GM&O GSC 43' Flat Car Build, Bloomington Shops 1951


I have a more general question.

First, the technology for pouring castings 60' or more long, or something as complicated as a locomotive frame, barely exists today.  Partly, that's because of the growth of welding  and its related NDE techniques as a fabrication method.  Regardless, those are pretty impressive steel castings.

I presume the railroad drilled all the holes for stirrup steps, route card boards, and so forth.  Did that include the couple of hundred holes for anchoring the decking?  More to the point, can someone point me to detail photos of the castings in progress at GSC?

When I was young and had a summer job, I drilled 96 holes in 1/2" steel plate one day, to join two halves of a building together -- think double-wide.  took me all day.  I started at the bottom of one end, and I was so happy when I reached the opposite side and started on the lower, more reachable, parts.  Took me the entire day.  I think it was an electric drill, not a pneumatic.

Ron Merrick

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